(PLEASE NOTE: Some of the rules have changed since the 2018 show. Please make sure that you read through these current rules, and that your framing vendor is aware of the 2019 rules as well.)


• ANMPAS 2019 is open to all residents of New Mexico
• You may enter a maximum of 3 images
• All images selected for the show must be priced for sale
• Sale proceeds will be split 70% to photographer and 30% to ANMPAS
• Images entered into previous ANMPAS or Shades of Gray shows will NOT be allowed into the 2019 show


1. Create a JPEG version of your image(s) for the online submission. See “Entering” below for technical requirements of the JPEG.
2. Create a title(s) for your image(s).
3. Log in to the Smarter Entry site (link below), entering your name, email, image title(s), and payment method. Add your image(s) to the upload section. You may enter up to a maximum of 3 images.
4. Double-check all of your information, and submit.
5. DO NOT PRINT OR FRAME YOUR ARTWORK AT THIS TIME! Wait for your Notification of Acceptance via email first.
6. Once the submission deadline is reached, the judges will select the best of the images to appear in the show. Notifications of Acceptance and/or rejection will be sent via email approximately 2 weeks after the submission deadline. The notifications will be sent to the email address you provided to Smarter Entry.
7. If your artwork is accepted, you may begin the printing and framing process. IMPORTANT: Please read the “Presentation Rules” below.
8. Create price(s) for your artwork. (See below: “Pricing Your Entries”.) Prices will be due by email a few weeks prior to the start of the show. You will receive notices and reminders to the email address you provided to Smarter Entry.
9. Drop off your image(s) at the Fine Arts Building on the Intake Date.
10. Be sure to pick up any unsold images at the close of the show. ANMPAS is not responsible for unclaimed images.


Call for Entries begins Monday, December 17, 2018.

Call for Entries ends 11:59 PM Thursday, January 31st, 2019.

Enter with plenty of time in order to allow you to make changes or substitute one image for another. Substitutions can be done online up until the submission deadline.

Payment is $15.00 per image, up to a maximum of 3 images.

Smarter Entry will walk you through the process for image entry and payment. 

Payments will be accepted from major Credit Cards ONLY (NO PayPal or checks, please.)


• The file you upload to Smarter Entry must be a JPEG.
• The size should be no larger than 8 MB or 1200 pixels on the longest edge.
• Do not sign or print your name or use a watermark on your digital entries. Images with names, signatures and/or watermarks will be automatically disqualified.
• Make sure that your digital images are titled correctly so that you will not have to go through the process more than once. The filename should be the title of your image (do not include your name). For example: Mountains_at_Sunset.jpg
• All prints should have a title of no more than 8 words.

(Please click the button below to access Smarter Entry)


Photographers will be notified of their selection into the show by mid-February. Upon notification, selected photographers will be responsible for submitting high-quality prints that have been matted and framed, and adhere to the Presentation Rules.


Frames and mats should enhance your artwork, not distract from it. If your frame or mat gets more attention than your image, you have not followed the rules.

The following rules are to produce a uniformity that is required to maintain a museum/gallery look for all entrants’ photographs. Prints not meeting these standards will be subject to disqualification.

1. Printed images should be no smaller than about 150 square inches in area (approximately 11 x 14 inches). The minimum size of your matted and framed photograph must be no smaller than about 285 square inches in area (approximately 15 x 19 inches).
2. Frames should have a simple profile and not exceed 2" in width. The maximum size of the frame must not exceed 40 inches on the longest edge. Frames must be wood or metal. No plastic frames are allowed. Absolutely no ornate, barn-wood or primary-colored frames will be allowed. They should have a simple finish, complimentary to your artwork. Metal and canvas prints are accepted if they are framed (the frame must extend beyond the image on all sides). The use of glass or acrylic is optional on all images.
3. Mats must be neutral: white, off-white, cream, tan, gray, dark gray, black, dark navy, dark forest green, dark navy, or dark maroon. Absolutely no primary colors will be allowed in the main mat. However, you may have an under-mat of any color, showing no more than 1/4" around your photo.
4. Hanging method: When delivered to the gallery, your photos must be ready to hang with a wire firmly attached to the back of the frame and extending 2" below the top of the frame. Metal and Canvas prints will be accepted when framed according with the rules for conventional prints. If artwork is not wired correctly, a fee will be charged to correct the wiring. If the correction cannot be done expeditiously, the image may be rejected.
5. Labeling: Your name, phone number, and title of your image should be securely attached to back of your artwork and clearly legible. If you use a PostIt note, you must secure the PostIt with tape. This helps the ANMPAS committee identify images correctly.





You will be asked for your price(s) a few weeks before the show opens. After that time, you will not be able to change the price, since the wall placards will have been printed. Make a note of the email address you submitted for Smarter Entry and be sure to watch for notices about pricing and other deadlines.

Considerations When Pricing Your Work:

• Remember that all sale proceeds will be split 70% to photographer and 30% to ANMPAS.
• Be sure to account for your framing and printing costs. Obviously, the size of your image will play a part in the price that you ask.
• The intangible and most difficult item to price is your artistic vision. Your vision does have value. If you are Ansel Adams, you can ask any price you want. Otherwise, if you are not Ansel, be reasonable but do not shortchange yourself.


The exhibit will be shown in the Fine Arts building at EXPO New Mexico from Sunday, March 31st through Tuesday, April 23rd. Pick up date is Wednesday, April 24th. Special arrangements must be made to pick up artwork prior to or after Wednesday, April 24th.

(Click link below for directions)



Questions should be directed to LeRoy Perea, 505-977-6899