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Invitational Rules


  • All photographic processes and formats are eligible
  • All prints selected for the show must be priced and include a sale price with their entry information
  • All sales proceeds will be split 70% to photographer and 30% to ANMPAS.
  • All prints selected for the show must be matted and framed in compliance with the show’s size and gallery presentation requirements (See "HOW to ENTER ANMPAS")
  • Each photographer will be allowed to enter a maximum of 3 prints
  • Images entered into previous ANMPAS shows will NOT be allowed into the 2017 show
  • 2017 Categories for entry:
  • Photographers will enter their images in the following 7 categories. Entered images in these categories will be juried, given a score and the top scores will be eligible to hang at the ANMPAS. Images that hang at the ANMPAS will be judged and an award will be given to the top image of each category. The judges reserve the right to move prints from one category to another based on appropriateness.
  • Abstract: Images depicting an object or scene that is more “figurative” than “literal”. They must be based on a photographic image not created solely by computer software.
  • Floral Botanical: Images that are captured artfully of flower(s) or other natural botanical bodies in nature.
  • Human Interest/Portrait: Images of individuals or groups, reflecting personality, human problems, or concerns. Capturing the emotion of a moment or event.
  • Scenic/Landscape: Comprised of visible features of an area including elements such as mountains, rivers, trees and other environmental settings.
  • Still Life: Images of inanimate objects, either natural or man-made in artful settings, configured by the artist.
  • Urban: Man-made landscapes such as buildings bridges, cityscapes, street life and travel scenes.
  • Wildlife: Artistic images of live, tamed or untamed creatures (including reptiles and insects) in their natural or captive surroundings.
  • Images in a Panorama format will be accepted in all of the above categories.