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How to Enter ANMPAS

The dates for entry are as follows: Entry begins December 15th, 2016.                     


Entry ends midnight January 31th, 2017.


Payment is $15.00 per image, 3 images max.


Smarterentry will walk you through the process for image entry and payment - more info on this entry method to come.


Payments will only be accepted by major Credit Cards (no PayPal or checks)


Please click this link to go to Smarter Entry and the ANMPAS Show Entry system, to set up a free account to manage your show entries


Information about formatting your entries and fee schedule can also be found here:



(click the above text to go to the smarter entry page)


Tips on the entry process:


Make sure that your image file size is no larger than 2mb. A range of 500kb (.5mb) to 2mb would be ideal. Just right click on your image or hover the mouse over the title and the file size will show.


The price for your artwork will not be needed at this time. You will be asked for that number about 2 weeks before the show opens. After that time, you will not be able to change the price, since the program will have been printed.


Enter with plenty of time in order to allow you to make changes or substitute one image for another. This can be done online up until the submission deadline.


At least for this year, you may enter only 3 images. This may change next year if we have enough requests.


Make sure that your images are titled correctly so that you will not have to go through the process more than once. See example below.




The entry form asks for the dimensions of the final image. We realize that in many cases, you may not have decided on a final print size, but please complete the form to the best of your ability. You will not be held to the dimensions you list on your entry form.



When choosing a print price, please keep in mind that if your image is accepted you will be required to provide a high quality printed image that is a dry mounted, matted and framed photograph. Obviously the size of your image will play a part in the price that you ask. This year the price that you submit with your entries will be the price that is displayed on your image while hanging in the gallery. There will not be an opportunity to change your price after you’ve sent in your entries. Do not under-sell your art. After acceptance to the show, you will be given information on how to send over the correct title and pricing information to us.




The exhibit will be shown at the Fine Arts building at the New Mexico Expo from April 2nd to April 23rd. Pick up date is April 24th. Arrangements must be made to pick up artwork prior to or after April 24th.




Photographers will be notified of their selection into the show by mid February. Upon notification, selected photographers will be responsible for submitting a high quality print that has been dry mounted, matted and framed.


  • Frames and mats should enhance your artwork, not distract from it. To that purpose, frames should have a simple profile and not exceed 2" in width. Absolutely no ornate or barn-wood frames will be allowed. They should have a simple finish, complimentary to your artwork. The use of glass or acrylic is optional.
  • Mats must be neutral: white, off-white, cream, tan, gray, dark gray, black, dark navy, dark forest green, dark navy, or dark maroon. Absolutely no primary colors will be allowed in the main mat. However, you may have an under-mat of any color, showing no more than 1/4" around your photo. This is the uniformity that is required to maintain a museum/gallery look. Color accent stripes are still allowed. Classic black frames, with white, black or gray mats can still be used. When delivered to the gallery, your photos must be ready to hang with a wire firmly attached to the back of the frame and extending 2" below the top of the frame. Metal and Canvas prints will be accepted when framed according with the rules for conventional prints. All prints including framed metal prints and canvas prints are not required to be glassed.
  • The printed image only, should be no smaller than 150 square inches (approx.11 X 14 inches). The maximum image size cannot exceed 32 X 24 inches. The minimum size of your matted and framed photograph must be no smaller than 285 square inches (approx.15 X 19 inches). The maximum size of the matted and framed print must not exceed 1280 sq/in and no dimension should exceed 40 inches. Prints not meeting these standards will be subject to disqualification. All prints should include a title of no more than 8 words.
  • Questions should be directed to LeRoy Perea, 505-977-6899.